Haiti…..the rest of the journey












The next 2 days we will be waking up to roosters and people working around 5 AM. You can hear the laughing and chatting while people walk to the farms where they are working and I am usually up early getting the Coleman stove ready for my instant coffee and Savannah’s much better coffee, and Shelly’s oatmeal.  MMMMMM……

School starts at 8 AM and by 7 AM I like to be sitting on the side of the mountain watching the students come down the little foot paths from all over the area.




The students will all line up and have their pledge to the flag, recite Scripture and start their day. We will spend the day checking with teachers about students, taking pictures and measuring feet. All 130 of our sponsored students!










We will then work on getting new students signed up for the sponsorship program so we can come back and get new sponsors so we can keep up with the expenses of the school as it grows and the needs continue to grow.

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Then we will spend the afternoon hiking to make home visits, seek out children who have not returned to school, talk to their parents, and encourage them to send their children to school. We will have community sitting on little, tiny chairs talking about life, dreams, hopes, and struggles. It will be beautiful and hard- all at the same time.

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That night we will go to church for a few hours until we cannot stand any longer. We will fall asleep to the sound of worship that will last until 2 or 3 am and prayer will begin at 5 am. Humbling. As we sleep they worship, pray and go back to work as soon as they are finished. Sleep to them is optional.  They are more drawn to God’s presence than rest. I will go to bed humbled and wake up amazed at their endurance. It is beautiful- the sounds, the smells, the people, and the life.

One thought on “Haiti…..the rest of the journey

  1. As I sit in my comfortable living room, drinking my coffee and reading this blog, I am transported to Chauffard, Haiti \ and the difficult lives that are lived there. I relive my life changing experiences during my visits, as I look at these pictures. Many who read this blog have not seen, but can imagine, life lived day by day with little past or future, only the present. I am praying for this trip. The dream team of CPI Haiti can do more in a day than the rest of us can do in a week. You go girls … Jennie, Shelley and Samantha. You are making THE difference for all the sponsors who support education for these kids!


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