Haiti…..Days 4 and 5

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It is Saturday! That means no school and lots of adventures! I am really hoping to spend time shooting some pictures because I am going to be able to hang my photography in Mitchell’s in December! So excited.

Besides picture taking, we will be visiting families and talking and doing life together. This is the best. We will also watch some soccer, watch Shelly jump rope with the girls (just kidding), and continue to pass out the awesome uniforms and shoes and socks to the students.

On Sunday we will attend church, maybe provide a meal for the village and then unfortunately, head down the mountain. At this point, everything feels like a whirlwind and it hard to believe it has flown by so fast. I will probably cry as we leave, hoping that the children will stay in school and not have to quit to work on the farm for their families’ survival and that we don’t lose anyone to simple infections while I am gone.

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Then on Monday, we will fly back to the US and advocate for our friends in Haiti. So their voices are heard and their lives matter. And then the process begins again as I prepare for the next trip and the next group and the next time I get to go to the land of the beautiful people.


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