Haiti Day One….

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By the time this publishes, we will be landing in Port au Prince. The flight is only 2 hours long which is crazy. From my bed in Lakeland to my bed in Chauffard, it only takes about 12 hours. It blows my mind that such unbelievable poverty is so close to the US and so many people do not even know it.

Today will be stopping by the grocery store in Port au Prince and then driving the 20 miles in the truck for 3 1/2 hours. We still in the back of the truck and take in the fresh air, the smells of people cooking on the sides of the road, and transition into a different world. A world without electricity, running water, medicine, or 3 meals a day.

We come bringing shoes, socks, and uniform shirts. The students at the school will be so excited! Shoes without holes or having shoes at all is a luxury. Shoes won’t end poverty but they will help our students avoid injury in the mountains and make them feel taken care of in a small way.

Once we get settled into our bunkhouse, Shelly, Savannah, and I will go find our friends who are like family- Jean Marc, Junior, Milo, etc. If we have time we might even go on a short hike to see families who live a little farther away.

The first day is always a huge transition. Exhaustion from traveling, feeling overwhelmed with the conditions-even if you have seen it many, many times, and excitement for the adventures we are about to encounter.

On this mountain I feel the most alive. There is no place I would rather be.

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