A new chapter…..

As my children have gotten older, I have discovered a love for writing. I have eased my way into having this site….and now I own jennieellis.com. WEIRD. It feels strange to name something after yourself.  I have stayed pretty noncommittal most of my life because I was always scared to put myself out there. Never wanting to be critiqued or judged for the quality of my work, I have strived to stay on the “down-low.” Then today I officially began my blogging/photography site and I am asking myself, “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?!” And then I catch my breath and remind myself, “You were thinking you have something to offer, you dodo.” See…..I have these struggles that pop up in my head and heart that say, “You are not enough. Your work is not significant.” Today I am fighting the temptation to believe that and am “all in” for sharing my story, my life, my thoughts, and prayers with you on this blog. I pray that it means something to someone. That is all.



One thought on “A new chapter…..

  1. I have really enjoyed some of your photographs on trips and such, and of course I am a fan of Jennie Ellis. I’m excited to see what is in store.


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