A Love for Writing

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to write.  I still remember 7th grade at Southwest Middle School learning how to diagram sentences and thinking that I was coming alive in school!  That sounds so weird as I write it but since I was bored to tears by math and the sciences were too technical for my brain, words became my best friend.  Spelling became an obsession and another teacher in middle school said if we could find grammar or spelling errors in the newspaper we could bring them in for extra credit.  Just today we were at a national park visitor center and they misspelled “cemetery” and I about jumped through the roof…but don’t ask me to tell you where ANY states of the US are located, which bodies of water surround us, what bones are in my arm, or how to do my son’s fourth grade math. I can spell them all for you and alphabetize any of them but that is IT!

We all have to find our groove and the English language is mine.  I have tried to conquer other languages as well- Spanish and Creole- but clearly those are not my groove so I am sticking with English and thanking God for translators.

People have asked me why I did not have a blog for a long time….but want to know the truth?  Until a few days ago I did not even know what one was. Honestly.  I am not from this generation of bloggers, instagramers, selfie takers, or hashtaggers.  In fact I have NEVER hash tagged in my life.  Still not sure how to do that but I HAVE decided to try the blogging.  I have a lot to say as you probably already know so I am venturing into this official world of internet writing.  EEEEEKKKK!  I am not very cool or catchy AT ALL but I think God has taught me a few things that I hope to share on these pages over time.  Let the journey begin….

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