Hatred and Hope…..Haiti and Here

Haiti: Port au Prince

Dusty, desperate

Crowded, pungent

Rich getting richer. Poor can’t get any poorer

A day feels like a week

Everyone selling a little something just to make a few gourdes

A rat race to nowhere

……Depressing and exhausting to be a spectator

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Haiti: Chauffard

Mountains, cool air

Farmland stretched for miles

More desperate and yet more alive

Beauty and extreme poverty living on the same land

Do I let myself off the hook by settling for contentment because of the beauty of their souls and

the purity of their soil?

Or do I allow myself to feel their cry for help about their life threatening conditions?

Do I look them in the eye and let my heart feel their pain and their fear for the  future?

How do I reconcile this  as I sit on my fancy mattress, fan blowing, tv blasting, lights illuminating…..

I don’t.

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Hatred, animosity


Political nightmare

My stomach turns with each of the ads, the debates, the million dollar mailings

Waste everywhere- drugs, drinking, indulgence

13 million dollar sorority houses? Aren’t we ashamed of ourselves?

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Generosity exists in our cities, our neighborhoods

Heroes of the faith who give even when they do not have

Kindred spirits of grace and mercy for the forgotten, the lost, the oppressed

I choose joy. I choose my tribe who understand hatred never works. Advocating does.

I choose to stop talking and start doing.

I choose to focus on what I can change and not be angry about what I cannot.

I choose God’s way of the narrow road….and I know who is on it with me.

No time for competition.  Time to enlarge our territory. Reaching beyond our own capabilities. We do it together. No credit needed.

We must be the CHURCH. The one Jesus talked about. Not the one we have created.

Ou dwe brav.

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